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More than just a route planner

We know time is the most precious resource. With Logistia Route Planner you’ve got all the tools to add, optimize, and navigate smoothly to all your customers’ addresses in no time. 

You’re in good company

You’re in Good Company

Suitable for every business

Optimize for maximum productivity. Smart technology for real-world operations.

Recycle garbage services icon

Waste collection

Get the most profitable and efficient routes in just a few clicks.

Healthcare services icon

Healthcare services

Visit more patients efficiently and offer them the best care they deserve.

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Inspection services

Plan your routes well in advance for your team and track their progress live.

Farmaceutical services icon

Medical & Pharmacy

Prepare the delivery and get it in time to all your locations.

Washing services icon

Laundry & Cleaning

Pickup and deliver stellar service without sacrificing route efficiency.

Pest Control services icon

Pest control

Streamlines scheduling and resource management for pest control companies, ensuring timely and accurate service delivery.

How does Logistia Route Planner work?

There are a few simple steps you need to learn to start using Logistia Route Planner.

logistia route planner integrates perfectly with

logistia route planner integrates perfectly with

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The benefits of using Logistia Route Planner, as a route planner, for any business with people always on the move, available on any device.

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