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One solution for all

Logistia can help you manage all your online stores from a single platform.


A logistics management solution for all

Logistia is the logistics management system that can help you manage
all your online stores from a single platform.


Easy setup, easy to use

Logistia is simple to set up and easier to use so you won't need any developer to help you.


Stock alerts

Logistia is more than a logistics management system. It gives you a friendly reminder when you are approaching your stock limit.


24/7 Support

We are always there for you to help get the best out of Logistia for your business.

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What we offer

The best logistics management system for your business

Deliver all your orders in time, while Logistia takes care of the algorithm behind.

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Logistics and supply management is important

With Logistia you can manage external orders daily

Logistia allows you to manage orders coming from outside your online business, so you won't miss any sales opportunities.

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With LOGISTIA, the logistics management system for your online business

You can easily manage your delivery employees

Assign orders to your employees, so you can focus on making the most important decisions.

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We want to make running your online business as simple as possible.

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