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One solution for all

With Logistia you can manage
all your online stores from a single platform.
Logistia is easy to set up and easy to use

Easy to setup, Easy to use

Logistia was designed with simplicity in mind, so while your business grows you can take care of the most important decisions.
Logistia is taking care of your online business

Taking care for you

Having the products available is important and we know it. Logistia will remind you when you are approaching your stock limit.
Manage stock alerts with Logistia

Stock alerts

Never lose another sale because your stock is out.
Icon describing an online business

Your online business is precious we know that,
So we made an app like this for you.

Logistia is an easy to use tool. With the help of our
system you can manage all the logistics of your online businesses. It's very simple!
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Multi Stop Route Planner

Meet your clients from around your city in person and Logistia will calculate a Multi Stop Route Planner between all deliveries, so you can get home in time for dinner.
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Manage external orders

Logistia allows you to manage orders coming from outside your online business, so you won't miss any sales opportunities.
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Employee Management

Assign and delegate orders to your employees, so you can focus on making the most important decisions.

We want to make running your online business as simple as possible

Join Logistia and take control of your online business. Your feedback is extremely valuable.

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