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Dispatch routes management for smoother deliveries

Unlock unmatched dispatch route planning with Logistia Route Planner. Not only does it meet, but exceeds your expectations, streamlining your operations with its straightforward, feature-packed system that boosts both efficiency and accuracy.

From dynamic route optimization to comprehensive order management, Logistia Route Planner empowers you with a dispatch routes tool that’s not just about meeting industry standards – it’s about setting them.

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Automate your dispatch routes process

A single tap is all it takes to swiftly dispatch well-planned routes for your delivery teams. Delivery personnel effortlessly access their itineraries and hit the road without delay. Our robust delivery management system is designed to refine your delivery processes and driver coordination seamlessly.

Dynamic route optimization

Use our technology to choose fast, fuel-saving routes, saving you time and money. Adjust quickly to keep your deliveries on track in any situation, and make your dispatch routes efficient and punctual.

Move orders

Move the orders to any of your available drivers or even swap their routes in case of unforeseen situations.

select Multiple stops

Select a set of orders at once and make quick adjustments to routes even after creation, enhancing efficiency and saving time.

reverse routes

Save time and boost flexibility with a single click that smoothly reverses your delivery sequence, adapting easily to changes.

Many stops, a smooth route

Upload orders for optimal driver routes and schedules, streamlining your operational flow. Boost delivery success, reduce planning time, and cut costs. Logistia Route Planner smooths driver journeys with on-demand dispatches and gives dispatchers real-time driver location insights, ensuring orders are assigned to the best-suited driver.

Vehicle types

Refine every route by choosing the right vehicle type, tailoring each one to match your fleet’s unique strengths.

delivery areas

Establish particular delivery regions to enhance your operations, ensuring concentrated, effective navigation within each allocated sector.

driver settings

Regardless of varying start or finish points, customize every route with unique settings for your drivers, ensuring tailored, streamlined planning.

Better, more efficient routes

Cluster orders closely to create the most condensed routes, enhancing driving productivity, cutting expenses, and avoiding long, excessive routes.

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Single day

Streamline your entire day’s deliveries with our efficient optimization feature, ensuring maximum productivity with minimal effort.

proof of delivery

Enjoy peace of mind with instant delivery documentation. Securely record digital signatures, images, and annotations within the mobile App for streamlined dispute resolution.

customer data

Drivers have an address pinpointing through our smart localization algorithm and can reach customers directly within the app for seamless communication.

Use your fleet to the maximum, equipped with all our dispatching routes features available for you.

Mobile apps

Provide your drivers with our mobile app to track their routes and progress instantly, guaranteeing a seamless and well-informed trip every time.

Notify customers

Update your customers on their order progress with personalized notifications.

Reduce route costs

Streamline your routes to avoid ferries or tolls effortlessly, creating budget-friendly paths that maintain cost-efficiency.

Vehicle capacities

Match your routes with vehicle capacities, making sure each one is strategically arranged based on weight and volume constraints.

Special Skills

Pair your vehicles’ unique capabilities with special delivery requirements, ensuring each route is fine-tuned for the required expertise.

Delivery windows

Shape each route to align with specific order delivery windows, promising prompt arrivals in the optimal sequence.

Service time

Consider the time spent at each location and adjust routes for exact timing needs, placing punctuality and efficiency at the forefront of every stop.

Order type

Seamlessly blend pickup and delivery types, creating a smooth, coherent routing experience where orders flow naturally.

Prevent errors

Keep your planned routes intact from any unintended edits from your staff members.

What people are saying

Using Logistia Route Planner has been transformational for many businesses.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Honestly, I have never encountered such courteous and professional service. The software is upgraded and improved every few days and I don’t think you will find anything that compares to it – I highly recommend it.
Ofer Hai
CEO, Mini Drinks

Traditional ways of optimizing routes vs. Logistia Route Planner’s optimization

The old way​ to dispatch routes

  • Spending more time on manual, non-visual work
  • Relying on guesswork to generate the routes
  • Unreliable address precision
  • No easy way to adjust in real-time the routes
  • Inaccurate and inefficient routes
  • Time-consuming and expensive routes
  • Need to wait to collect proof of delivery

Using Logistia Route Planner

  • Visualize all your stops at once
  • Advanced delivery route optimization algorithms
  • High address precision
  • Allows for last-minute edits to the routes
  • Send accurate ETAs to your customers
  • Collect digital proof of delivery
  • Creates all routes in minutes
  • Tracks important data
  • Saves you time and money
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