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Skyrocket your setup and upkeep venture with Logistia Route Planner: turn scheduling and routing from a time-eater into a blink-and-you-miss-it task, slashing costs and driving profits through the roof with unmatched efficiency and service precision.

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Add orders quickly into Logistia Route Planner

Planning process adapted to you

Adding stops to Logistia Route Planner is effortless. Choose from multiple ways, from manual entry, file upload, e-commerce, API, or Zapier integrations to simplify your workflow with our route planner.

Dynamic route optimization

Use our smart tech to find the quickest paths, cutting down on wait times and making customers happy. Help your customers link your brand with top-notch installation and maintenance services.

Dynamic routes optimized in the best retail delivery route planner - Logistia Route Planner
Real-time tracking your drivers with Logistia Route Planner

Real-time tracking

Maintain open communication with your team and clients through real-time monitoring and progress notifications, promoting openness and client delight to the highest standards.

Proof of delivery

Secure digital signatures and photo evidence, creating a reliable record of every service performed.

Proof of delivery for the best retail delivery route planner - Logistia Route Planner

Customer notifications

Our installation and maintenance route planner does more than direct drivers on deliveries; it also informs your customers about their ETAs. Giving them the ability to track the stop’s status positions your services superior to any other service.

Installation and maintenance route planning made easy

Logistia Route Planner helps your installation and maintenance business focus on the most important operations with faster planning and efficient routes. Discover more than 80+ features designed to reduce manual labor, errors, and costs.

Mobile apps

Equip your drivers with our mobile app for navigation. They adhere to planned paths while your staff monitors their movement in real-time, utilizing current devices—eliminating the need for expensive new gear. Experience a smooth, well-informed trip consistently.

Plan ahead

Place your entire team on autopilot by directly assigning stops to paths for any upcoming date, enabling you to plan your routes far ahead effortlessly.

Analyze reports

Leverage meaningful analytics through Logistia’s detailed reporting for a complete snapshot, easing end-of-day settlements with your drivers.

Track expenses

Track driver positions live, allowing for easy changes to their routes with new paths accessible right away.

Service time

Factor in each on-site duration, and fine-tune routes to accommodate precise location time. Make punctuality and efficiency your priority at every stop.

Order type

Integrate pickup and delivery order types with finesse, ensuring orders flow in a fluid, logical routing experience.


Change your orders to a future date, keeping your deliveries on track with zero hassle.

Prevent errors

Safeguard your planned routes, keeping them intact from unintended alterations by your staff members.


Keep your customers informed about their status with customizable notifications.

Print routes

Get a hard copy of your stops lists, allowing for tangible access to route information.

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Personalize routes and notify customers


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Take the next step and don’t let inefficient routes and delivery uncertainties hold your business back. Logistia Route Planner has everything you need to confidently run your installation and maintenance business with the most flexible delivery route planner.