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Work more efficiently with our delivery route optimization solution

Logistia Route Planner is the route optimization solution designed to take your drivers on the most efficient routes, reducing your maintenance costs and time spent planning.

Discover how our innovative approach to delivery route optimization can transform your logistical challenges into opportunities for growth and customer delight.

Logistia Route Planner - Delivery Route Optimization Solution on all devices

Simplify to amplify: powerful route optimization solution for effortless efficiency

One route optimization platform with more than 80+ features.

Advanced route optimization

Utilize intelligent algorithms to find the quickest and most efficient routes, saving time and fuel. Adapt to any situation to maintain optimal efficiency.

Move or Swap

Move orders to any of your available drivers or even swap their routes in case of an emergency.

Multi-stop selection

Quickly select a group of orders to make quick edits to the routes even after they are generated, for maximum efficiency and time saving.

reverse route

Save time and enhance flexibility by effortlessly reversing your delivery sequence with a single click, ensuring adaptability to changes.

Multiple stops, one seamless journey

Import with ease thousands of orders and instantly get the most efficient routes and schedules for your drivers. Account for all workflow constraints. Maximize the number of orders delivered, while reducing planning time and costs.

Vehicle types

Optimize each journey by selecting the appropriate vehicle type, ensuring each route is perfectly suited to your fleet’s specific capabilities.

delivery areas

Define delivery areas to streamline your operations, ensuring targeted, efficient routing within each of the designated regions.

driver settings

Whether they start or end in a different location, you can tailor each route with individual settings for your drivers, for personalized, efficient scheduling.

Better, more efficient routes

Group orders tightly to forge the most compact paths, maximizing driving efficiency, reducing costs, and minimizing unnecessary, lengthy routes.

Single day

Streamline your entire day’s deliveries with our efficient optimization feature, ensuring maximum productivity with minimal effort.

multiple days

Logistia Route Planner can help you optimize routes for drivers who need to complete longer routes that require several days.

Use your fleet to the maximum, with all the delivery route optimization features prepared for you.

Mobile apps

Equip your drivers with our mobile app to monitor their routes and progress in real-time. Ensure a smooth, informed journey from start to finish.

Divide routes

Strategically divide routes among drivers, ensuring balanced workloads and optimized delivery paths for each team member.

Reduce route costs

Optimize your routes around ferries or tolls with ease, crafting cost-friendly paths that keep your budget on track and your routes efficient.

Vehicle capacities

Align your routes with vehicle capacities, ensuring each journey is perfectly planned according to weight and volume limits.

Special Skills

Match the specialized skills of your vehicles with specific delivery needs, ensuring each route is optimized with the right expertise in mind.

Delivery windows

Tailor each route to fit the unique delivery intervals of orders, ensuring timely arrivals in the most efficient sequence.

Service time

Factor in each on-site duration, and fine-tune routes to accommodate precise location time. Make punctuality and efficiency your priority at every stop.

Order type

Integrate pickup and delivery order types with finesse, ensuring orders flow in a fluid, logical routing experience.


Easily shift your orders to a future date, keeping your deliveries on track with zero hassle.

Prevent errors

Safeguard your planned routes, keeping them intact from unintended alterations by your staff members.

Notify customers

Keep your customers informed about their order status with customizable notifications.

Print routes

Get a hard copy of your order lists, allowing for tangible access to route information.

What people are saying

Using Logistia Route Planner has been transformational for many businesses.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Honestly, I have never encountered such courteous and professional service. The software is upgraded and improved every few days and I don’t think you will find anything that compares to it – I highly recommend it.
Ofer Hai
CEO, Mini Drinks

Traditional ways of optimizing routes vs. Logistia Route Planner’s optimization

The old way​ to optimize routes

  • Spending more time on manual, non-visual work
  • Relying on guesswork to generate the routes
  • Unreliable address precision
  • No easy way to adjust in real-time the routes
  • Inaccurate and inefficient routes
  • Time-consuming and expensive routes
  • Need to wait to collect proof of delivery

Using Logistia Route Planner

  • Visualize all your stops at once
  • Advanced delivery route optimization algorithms
  • High address precision
  • Allows for last-minute edits to the routes
  • Send accurate ETAs to your customers
  • Collect digital proof of delivery
  • Creates all routes in minutes
  • Tracks important data
  • Saves you time and money
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