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For retail, efficiency and reliability are non-negotiable. Designed for logistics departments, our retail route planner turns complex operations into streamlined processes. Standardize efficiency and accuracy in every route, ensuring all products reach your customers promptly and securely.

Add orders quickly into Logistia Route Planner

Get started quickly

Adding orders to Logistia Route Planner is effortless. Choose from multiple ways, from manual entry, file upload, e-commerce, API, or Zapier integrations to simplify your workflow with our retail route planner.

Dynamic route optimization

Leverage advanced algorithms that calculate the most efficient delivery routes, minimizing delays and maximizing satisfaction. Make sure your customers are associating an exceptional service with your brand.

Dynamic routes optimized in the best retail delivery route planner - Logistia Route Planner
Real-time tracking your drivers with Logistia Route Planner

Real-time tracking

Keep your team and your customers in the loop with live tracking and status updates, enhancing transparency and customer satisfaction to new levels.

Proof of delivery

Secure digital signatures and photo evidence, creating a reliable record of every delivery.

Proof of delivery for the best retail delivery route planner - Logistia Route Planner

Customer notifications

Our retail delivery route planner not only guides drivers on what to deliver but also keeps you updated on stock levels. Set low-stock alerts and easily track sales KPIs with our product reports, simplifying your product management seamlessly.

Retail delivery made easy

Logistia Route Planner helps your retail logistics department focus on the most important operations with faster planning and efficient routes. Discover more than 80+ features designed to reduce manual labor, errors, and costs.

Mobile apps

Give your drivers our mobile app to drive. They follow the routes and your team tracks their progress instantly, using existing devices—no need for costly new equipment. Enjoy a seamless, informed journey every time.

Plan ahead

Set your team on autopilot by scheduling orders directly into routes for any future date, allowing you to prepare your routes well in advance without the hassle.

Analyze reports

Harness powerful insights with Logistia’s insightful reports for a comprehensive overview, simplifying end-of-day reconciliations with drivers.

Track expenses

Monitor driver locations in real-time, enabling instant route adjustments with updated routes available immediately.



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Make efficiency your standard with our furniture delivery route planner

Take the next step and don’t let inefficient routes and delivery uncertainties hold your business back. Logistia Route Planner has everything you need to confidently run your retail deliveries with the most flexible delivery route planner.