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Create the perfect route with our delivery route planning solution

Logistia Route Planner simplifies complex route planning, enabling precision and efficiency in every delivery. From intuitive address decoding to customizable delivery windows, our platform empowers your operations, ensuring seamless logistics and heightened customer satisfaction.

Experience a suite of smart features designed to optimize your operations, reduce costs, and exceed customer expectations. Navigate the challenges of modern delivery with Logistia – your partner in logistical excellence.

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Powerful features, at your fingertips

One platform, with more than 80+ features to plan your delivery routes with ease.

Plan ahead

Plan your deliveries days ahead with our easy planning feature. Make managing your deliveries a breeze and transform your logistical operations. Optimize your routes for the long haul, reduce the last-minute mayhem, and ensure a smooth, well-organized delivery process.

Learn more about how to optimize your routes with Logistia Route Planner.

Address precision

Transform addresses into exact locations, ensuring every destination is reached with unmatched accuracy.

Import orders

Import your orders from diverse origins into one unified system, streamlining your operational workflow.

contact details

Save and swiftly retrieve customer details for future orders, for a faster, more personalized service with each delivery.

Pickup, delivery, or both

Transform your logistics seamlessly with Logistia Route Planner, intelligently sequencing pickups and deliveries for peak efficiency. Rely on our advanced system to refine your route planning, delivering a smooth and coherent operational flow with each stop.

priority orders

Prioritize important orders with Logistia Route Planner and make sure you deliver a timely and efficient service consistently.


Add and save order notes for any situation and seamless future reference. Make every customer feel special with every order.

no contact delivery

Easily indicate to your drivers the no-contact deliveries, providing a safe and respectful service at every drop-off.

Compact routes for large fleets

Group orders tightly to forge the most compact paths, maximizing driving efficiency, reducing costs, and minimizing unnecessary, lengthy routes.

service time

Tailor each delivery with a specific service time, as your customers requested. Step up your delivery route planning game with precision and punctuality.

time interval

Logistia Route Planner can help you optimize routes for drivers who need to complete longer routes that require several days.

proof of delivery

Get instant delivery documentation and securely record digital signatures, images, and annotations. Accelerate all the processes in your company, with a single platform.

Stay ahead of your competitors and leverage all the benefits that come with planning your routes using Logistia Route Planner

Mobile apps

Equip your drivers with our mobile app to monitor their routes and progress in real time. Ensure a smooth, informed journey from start to finish.

Notify customers

Send your customers personalized notifications to keep them in the loop and provide a professional and transparent service.

Manage products

Efficiently manage and add products to orders, allowing drivers to verify deliveries. Stay on top of inventory with Logistia Route Planner’s comprehensive product management features.

Prepare delivery

Streamline your dispatch process with a feature specially designed to keep all necessary products accounted for and ready for each delivery.

Manage billing

Enhance your delivery service with integrated billing management, providing drivers with clear payment insights that align seamlessly with financial reporting.

Financial reports

Leverage Logistia Route Planner’s detailed reports to effortlessly track and reconcile daily collections from your drivers.

Order type

Introduce in your process versatile order types to your routes, from pickups to deliveries or combined orders, with intelligent sequencing for optimal route efficiency.

Offline mode

Maintain seamless delivery flow with Logistia Route Planner’s offline mode, supporting driver operations in areas with limited or no internet connectivity.


Easily change the orders to a future date, and keep your deliveries on track with zero hassle.

Prevent errors

Protect your scheduled routes, preserving them from accidental modifications while drivers are already en route.

Reoptimize routes

Empower drivers with the flexibility to dynamically reoptimize routes at any point in their journey for enhanced route adaptability.

Print routes

Get a hard copy of your order lists, allowing for tangible access to route information.

What people are saying

Using Logistia Route Planner has been transformational for many businesses.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Honestly, I have never encountered such courteous and professional service. The software is upgraded and improved every few days and I don’t think you will find anything that compares to it – I highly recommend it.
Ofer Hai
CEO, Mini Drinks

Traditional ways of route planning vs. using Logistia Route Planner

The old way​ to plan routes

  • Gathering all data manually in a file
  • Manual, non-visual work
  • Relying on limited tools to generate the routes
  • Unreliable address precision
  • No easy way to adjust in real-time the routes
  • Inaccurate and inefficient routes
  • Time-consuming and expensive routes
  • Need to wait to collect proof of delivery
  • No easy way to know how much to collect from drivers

Using Logistia Route Planner

  • Visualize all your stops at once
  • Advanced delivery route optimization algorithms
  • High address precision
  • Allows for last-minute edits to the routes
  • Send accurate ETAs to your customers
  • Collect digital proof of delivery
  • Creates all routes efficiently in minutes
  • Tracks important data
  • Create reports that give you financial or other important data for you
  • Saves you time and money

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