Deliver with confidence, confirm with proof of delivery

Instant proof of delivery, accelerated operations

Experience streamlined delivery confirmation with Logistia’s proof of delivery system. Capture every detail from signatures to real-time photos, ensuring transparency and building customer trust. Take the first step towards a more reliable and efficient delivery process.

Logistia Route Planner - Delivery Route Optimization Solution on all devices

All the proof you need

Reduce manual input and start collecting digital proof of delivery. Accelerate processes in your company with one platform, with more than 80+ features ready to use.

Digital proof of delivery

Capture and store digital customer signatures, photos, and notes to ensure a secure and verifiable confirmation for each stop. Optimize the routes in advance with all the customer requests quickly and easily.

Geo-tagging and timestamps

Record precise delivery details with automatic geo-tagging and time-stamping, ensuring an accurate delivery trail.

Status updates

Keep all stakeholders informed with updates on delivery progress, enhancing transparency and customer satisfaction. Collect their reviews and improve on their feedback.

Each feature is meticulously designed to empower businesses with a seamless, transparent, and efficient proof of delivery process, setting a new standard for excellence in delivery management.

Mobile apps

Capture the proof of delivery on the go, using our driver-friendly mobile apps.

Notify customers

Provide your clients with up-to-date information on the status of their delivery, fostering trust and transparency.

Notification settings

Customize notification preferences to align with specific operational requirements and customer expectations.

Offline access

Ensure uninterrupted access to crucial delivery features, even in areas with limited or no internet connectivity.

Reports & Analysis

Review and analyze completed delivery routes, gaining insights for future optimization and strategic planning.

Feedback collection

Gather valuable customer feedback directly through the delivery notification process, enhancing service quality.

User access control

Manage user permissions effectively, granting access to features based on roles and responsibilities.


You achieve sustainability goals by opting for paperless proof of delivery, reducing tons of paper waste.

API access

Leverage our APIs to customize and extend the capabilities of your whole transport system.

What people are saying

Using Logistia Route Planner has been transformational for many businesses.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Honestly, I have never encountered such courteous and professional service. The software is upgraded and improved every few days and I don’t think you will find anything that compares to it – I highly recommend it.
Ofer Hai
CEO, Mini Drinks

Traditional methods vs. Logistia Route Planner for capturing the proof of delivery

The old way​ to optimize routes

  • Signature capturing is paper-based, prone to loss and damage
  • Photo verification is rarely used
  • Infrequent and often delayed delivery updated
  • Manual data entry, inaccurate process
  • Limited tracking and confirmation capabilities
  • Limited driver monitoring and performance assessment
  • High environmental impact

Using Logistia Route Planner

  • Capture the signature digitally and securely, instantly retrievable
  • Clear and timestamped photos
  • Real-time ETA update
  • Automated data capturing for proof of delivery, significantly reducing errors
  • Transparent and verifiable delivery proof
  • Clear, measurable metrics and real-time tracking
  • Eco-friendly, paperless options to reduce environmental footprint
  • Streamlined and automated process, saving time and resources
  • Enhanced operational flow
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