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Logistia has the perfect balance between all ingredients for a successful delivery experience for customers and drivers. A food route planner that’s well-equipped to save you time, money, and gas.

  • Add multiple stops
  • Optimize stops between drivers
  • Deliver and track the progress
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Simplify your delivery processes

Planning food delivery routes manually is not only time-consuming but also complicated. Automate your route planning and delivery operations simply and efficiently with Logistia Route Planner.

Location is important for a food delivery route planner and Logistia puts it at its very core.

Getting to the customer’s precise location is crucial for successful deliveries and happy customers.

Send your customers notifications with tracking link with Logistia Route Planner

Send customers timely notifications to track their delivery status, without calling your team anymore.

Save time planning your routes every day with Logistia Route Planner
Save time

Planning hundreds of stops manually takes a lot of time, while Logistia can help you in just a couple of minutes.

Make it easier for your team to deliver food to customers on time with Logistia Route Planner

Offering your team the ability to plan multi-stop routes with a large number of orders helps you become the best service in town. Your efficiency will improve drastically and customers will never stop referring your business.

Built on a passion for quality

Everything You Need To Know About Your Deliveries

Having all the data you need available a click away speeds up the reaction rate of your staff and improves your efficiency by up to 50%.

Accommodate for changes

Last-minute changes can happen, and Logistia allows you to modify the routes easily and in a visual way.

Reduce costs

By using Logistia, drivers will know precisely where they need to go, who to contact and what to deliver. Your staff will be free to finish other important tasks and your whole productivity will improve from day 1.

What we can do
for your food delivery business

Logistia is about flexibility and convenience, helping your employees focus on the most important operations, and leaving manual work behind. 

Import your orders
Upload a file
Integrate your shop
Orders outside your shop
API integration
Optimize the routes
Automatic optimization
Set delivery intervals
Drag and drop orders
Optimize with constraints
Set priority orders
Engage customers
Send timely notifications
Tracking link
Email, sms, WhatsApp
Customize notifications
Proof of Delivery
Capture signature
Take photos
Confirmation with PoD
Analyze the data
Customize your reports
Measure important KPIs
Track route progress
Live track drivers
Routes available instantly
Instant changes

Need to personalize and adapt Logistia to your needs? Happy to help, send us an email or contact us.

I like that it’s very user friendly, it has a lot of features and the fact that the developers added some extra features to fit even better our needs.

Dhaniel N.

Owner, Purple Flowers

Plan and dispatch drivers the right way

Managers can set specific delivery intervals, priority, no-contact delivery, or other preferences to get the perfect route every day in just a couple of minutes.

Gain an edge over competitors​
Deliver more orders at the same time
Add essential details that drivers should know
Know how many products you need to deliver
Edit the routes to adjust them for perfection
See drivers’ progress throughout the day

Monitor progress and document deliveries

Track drivers’ progress on the map, and let the customers know where their delivery is. Logistia helps your drivers become more responsible and accountable, by capturing a series of photos, signatures, or notes as delivery proof.

Monitor the routes progress on the map
Send customers notifications with a tracking link
Read their reviews and feedback for the delivery
Capture a series of photos as proof of delivery
Capture the client’s signature
Leave notes for future orders from the same client

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