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Mastering furniture delivery routes

In the furniture delivery world, Logistia Route Planner is your go-to. It’s built for the industry’s specific needs, making sure each item arrives safely and on time.

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Logistia is about flexibility and convenience, offering more than 80+ features that help your employees focus on the most important operations, and leave manual work behind. 

Import orders

Effortlessly connect, manage, and sync your orders with our integrated solutions, featuring file uploads, e-commerce shop integration, external order addition, and seamless API connectivity.

Engage customers

Deliver personalized, timely notifications via email, SMS, or WhatsApp, including a tracking link for customers, all customizable to suit your needs.

Analyze reports

Harness powerful insights with customizable reports, analyzing data to measure key performance indicators and track expenses efficiently.

Track progress

Monitor driver locations in real-time, enabling instant route adjustments with updated routes available immediately.

Efficient scheduling

Optimize your delivery schedules, minimizing delays and maximizing satisfaction. Make sure every customer is getting a transparent and exceptional delivery experience.

Compact routes with our dispatch routes tool, Logistia Route Planner
Include driver breaks for their safety in Logistia Route Planner

Driver safety

Our routes are designed with safety in mind, considering all constraints like breaks and load management for heavy furniture items.

Data analysis

Streamline your deliveries with key data: financial insights, custom metrics, expense tracking, and fleet maintenance—all in one.

Reports analysis in Logistia Route Planner

Product management

Our furniture delivery route planner not only guides drivers on what to deliver but also keeps you updated on stock levels. Set low-stock alerts and easily track sales KPIs with our product reports, simplifying your product management seamlessly.



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Make efficiency your standard with our furniture delivery route planner

Everything you need to confidently run your furniture deliveries with the most flexible delivery route planner.