What is a delivery route planner?


Opening a new business is exciting and terrifying at the same time. At fist, you had only a few customers and operational management was easy. Planning delivery routes could be a few minutes task.

However, as your business grew and your deliveries exploded, it was not an easy task anymore. In fact, it became a complicated, time-consuming task. But there has to be a better solution to this, right?

Logistia offers you a delivery route planner software which can help you generate delivery routes in minutes, saving money in fuel and employee costs. In addition, Logistia does much more than just plan your delivery route. It easily integrates with your e-commerce business so you can route orders directly, advanced routing capabilities, user-friendly mobile apps, customer alerts of their ETAs, proof of delivery and many many more. Below, let’s go on with our mini crash course blog series by taking a look at what is a delivery route planner and why Logistia is a great fit for you. Contact us!

Logistia Delivery Route Planner App

What is a delivery route planner?

A delivery route planner is a software that takes the place of a human scheduler. And in most cases, it is similar to route sequencing. So instead of you staying many hours figuring out the best routes for drivers, the delivery route planner will take all the addresses and schedule stops for them. Therefore, route planning imports a list of orders and arranges them into an order that makes sense. On the surface, this solution seems great, but the problems appear when you look deeper.

Route planning software takes the starting point and maps out a path touching each stop in the shortest order. Many, if not most of them, can offer multi-stop scheduling, including Logistia. They can show you where drivers are in real-time and how many points they have left, with some limitations. However, those using advanced technologies, like AI, can use machine learning analysis and alter routes according to real-time traffic conditions.

Why does your business need a delivery route planner?

How many addresses do you have for delivery on a daily basis? How much time do you spend looking for the best route? What if your current method of delivery route planning is working fine for you? Why should you make the switch?

There are some obvious signs you need to observe. They will tell if you need a more advanced delivery route planner. Some of them include:

  • Expenses with transportation are rising with each month
  • There is not an easy way to make your business communicate easily with your delivery route planner
  • Customers are not satisfied with the arrival of orders
  • The current delivery route planning method is getting time-consuming and requires more than 1 person to do it
  • Your drivers are unsatisfied of their routes
  • You are getting frustrated with your current method for delivery route planning

Why you need a delivery route planning app?

It’s all about working efficiently with all current resources. A delivery route planning app, like Logistia, will:

  • Guarantee on-time deliveries for the vast majority of the time
  • Integrate easily with the top e-commerce platforms and automate order imports
  • Maximize drivers’ time and effort in a more productive way
  • Decreases the chances of accidents and it’s a healthier way to work your drivers
  • Allow you to keep costs down


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