The simple trick to stop the car windshield from fogging up

Regardless of the season, the AC system is an essential component of a car ensuring the driver’s comfort. In a colder season or simply a rainy day, there are certain measures you need to take. For example, how to stop the car’s windshield from fogging up.

How to stop the car's windshield from fogging up, Logistia Route Planner Blog

Fog diminishes the visibility of the road, creating real discomfort for the driver and a danger to all traffic participants. The fog appears when the air inside the car is humid and hot, while the outside is cold. When the hot air makes contact with the cold windows, the condensation effect appears causing them to fog up.

There aren’t drivers that did not face this phenomenon, so this trick might prove useful. Of course, you can still use the AC system of the car to solve the issue, but there is another way.

Using silica gel bags can stop the windshield from fogging up. Those little bags you find in any delivery box are more than helpful in these situations, by placing them near the windshield, or lateral windows. Silica Gel is an amorphous silicate, a hard and translucent material, consisting of granules with a diameter of up to 3 mm in which there is a very large number of pores of microscopic size.

It’s a material primarily used in technology as a moisture absorbent and catalyst carrier. When controlling moisture, at a temperature of 24 degrees Celsius and a relative humidity of 20%, silica gel can absorb 35% of its weight in water. The higher the relative humidity, the more water it absorbs, and the amount of water absorbed increases with a longer the period of exposure time.

Why are they efficient?

Simply put, silica gels absorb the humidity from the air, preventing damage to the goods inside the box where they are. Another undesired effect of humidity is a great space for bacteria and mold to develop. If you think about it, for example a razor blade package certainly has some silica gel bags inside the box to prevent damage from humidity and to prolong the life span of the product.

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