What are the biggest complaints of delivery drivers?

Delivery drivers are essential in today’s fast-paced world, ensuring timely and safe deliveries of goods and packages. However, the job of a delivery driver can be strenuous, with several challenges they must handle on a daily basis. In this article, we will discuss some of the most common complaints of delivery drivers and how to address them.

Find out what are the biggest complaints of delivery drivers and how you can address them in your company - Logistia Route Planner
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Demanding Workload

One of the primary complaints of delivery drivers is their burdensome workload. They manage a large number of deliveries within a tight timeframe, often leading to exhaustion and burnout. Consequently, they may have to rush through their deliveries, which leads to errors or incomplete deliveries.

Companies can address this challenge by setting realistic targets, providing adequate training to drivers, and implementing efficient routing solutions. In addition, they can optimize the delivery routes using technology to ensure that drivers are taking the most efficient route possible. This helps reduce the time and distance that drivers need to travel, thus improving their productivity and reducing their workload.

Demanding Customers

Delivery drivers often have to deal with difficult customers who may be impolite or impatient. Some customers may even refuse to receive the package or may complain about the delivery driver’s behavior or service. This can be exhausting for drivers who only want to perform their duties efficiently.

Provide drivers guidelines or training on how to deal with demanding situations. You ensure they handle every customer professionally and minimize their complaints.

Bad routes

Delivery drivers will typically have a set of routes or a route plan they need to follow. A route is bad if it’s inefficient or has a high volume of traffic or road closures, making it difficult for drivers to deliver packages on time.

If the drivers don’t have an efficient route, they may drive longer distances, increasing costs and time spent in traffic. This can cause delays in delivering packages, leading to frustrated customers and negatively impacting the driver’s performance metrics. We know just the perfect delivery route planner for the job.

Little Time for Breaks

Delivery drivers may have limited time for breaks, which can be difficult to manage. And it’s especially difficult for long shifts. In some cases, drivers may not have access to appropriate places to take a break. Other times they need to remain on the road to finish their deliveries and achieve the targets.

You can address this issue with a perfectly balanced route planner, to optimize stops with breaks. And yes, Logistia can help you consider breaks when optimizing routes.

Vehicle Maintenance

Delivery drivers often drive their vehicles to make deliveries, which leads to wear and tear, maintenance issues, and even breakdowns. Sometimes, the delivery company does not offer sufficient support or reimbursement for vehicle maintenance. A situation like this can result in additional costs, lowering wages, and increasing pressure on drivers. You can either have your own fleet of vehicles or allocate a budget for car maintenance.

Adverse Weather Conditions

Delivery drivers have to work in various weather conditions, including rain, snow, and extreme heat. It can be uncomfortable and even hazardous, particularly when driving in dangerous weather conditions. Furthermore, weather-related delays or closures may lead to missed deliveries, further adding to the stress on drivers. Make sure to offer drivers branded adequate clothing for every season. They will appreciate the warmth in colder seasons and you’ll increase the level of professionalism in the eye of your customers.

Safety Concerns

Delivery drivers often have to work alone, which can make them vulnerable to safety concerns. They may have to deliver to unfamiliar neighborhoods. And interacting with people they do not know, bears the risk of robbery, assault, or harassment. Make sure to equip drivers and cars with all the safety measures, so they feel at peace.

Inadequate Training

Delivery drivers are often not adequately trained for their job. They may not be familiar with the routes they are expected to take. Nor they are familiar with the equipment they are using, which can lead to mistakes and delays. Plus, drivers most often than not don’t have proper training on how to handle difficult customers or situations. Therefore, their job is more challenging than we can imagine.


Delivery drivers don’t have an easy job and face numerous challenges. This can make their job more demanding than it appears. Companies must recognize the significance of their delivery drivers. To keep them happy, companies must provide them with the necessary equipment, and efficient routes to complete the job safely. By addressing these complaints, companies can see significant positive results and increase the company attrition rate. In the end, it leads to better service for customers and a more positive working environment for drivers.

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