How to upload stops from a file

On the main Logistia screen, Deliveries, click on Import Orders button from the right-side. Select the local Logistia account from the dropdown, if you have other e-commerce platforms integrated.

Make sure you have selected the delivery date for when you want to create the routes. Then click on Import XLS file button to browse for the file on your PC.

Logistia will prompt you to match the columns from your file with the corresponding data type available. The only required data type is either Street with Number or Lat, Long coordinates to add your stops.

Please make sure you map them correctly for every column you wish to display in Logistia. If you have data that is not required, leave it unselected and Logistia will ignore it.

Click on the Import button to finish the import and see a preview of your data. All you need to do is confirm the delivery date for your stops. Next, you’ll be directed to the Optimize Route process.

Next time you import a file, Logistia will remember the mapping as long as the format does not change.

Parameter NameDescriptionHow to use & Examples
Order NoAn external identifier associated with your stop. Leave it blank and Logistia will assign an order number for the stop.* ABC-123
* 12345
* AN-101
Client NameName of the recipient associated with the stopJohn Doe
Client TelephonePhone number associated with the stop+17657644322
Client EmailEmail address of the recipient associated with the
Street with numberThe main address of the map7 Commons Ln
CityThe city in which the stop is locatedNew York
CountyThe state/county where the stop is locatedNew York
Postal CodeThe Zip or Postal code of the stop12601
Other address infoAny other useful information about the stopSecond door on the left
Beware of the dog
Gateway code
Delivery PriceThe cost of the delivery associated with the stop10
Product NameThe name of the product associated with the stopHealthy protein meal plan for 1 day
Product PriceThe price for 1 piece of the product name(s) associated with the stop29.9
Product QuantityHow many pieces of the product name(s) are associated with the stop2
Payment methodThe payment method associated with this stopCard
Cash on delivery
Payment statusThe payment status associated with this stopPaid
CommentsAny relevant comments associated with this stopLeave it with the neighbour
TagsA relevant tag to identify the stop with more accuracySpecial delivery
Next day
Delivery intervalThe delivery time interval associated with this stop10:00 – 13:00
10AM – 7PM
Order drop-off time (min)How many minutes the driver will spend at the stop5
PriorityIn case of a partial solution, this flag will prioritize this stop instead of other stopstrue
No contact deliveryA flag to signal the delivery should happen without interacting with the recipient of this stoptrue
Reference NumberA field to cross-reference this stop with your own systems (e.g. ERP)ABC-12345
Lat, Long Geo PointThe Latitude and Longitude coordinated associated with this stop46.123, 26.123
LatThe Latitude coordinate of this stop46.123
LongThe Longitude of this stop26.123
Custom fields nameIf you have defined any custom fields in Logistia Settings, you can use it to map it from your Excel file