Route orders from your Shopify shop

If you have a shop based on the Shopify platform, you can easily integrate it with Logistia Route Planner and optimize your routes.

There are 3 ways to add your orders in Logistia Route Planner.

Method 1: Import from Logistia Route Planner

  • From the main Deliveries screen in Logistia, click on Import Orders button
  • Select from the source dropdown your Shopify shop
  • Select the delivery date when you plan to deliver the orders
  • Select the orders from the preview using the checkbox
  • Click on Confirm date to finish importing your orders

Method 2: Send orders to Logistia Route Planner

  • From your Shopify Orders dashboard, select the orders you want to deliver
  • Click on More actions
  • From the Apps section of the dropdown, click on Optimal Route with Logistia
  • Logistia will promt you to choose the delivery date when the orders should be routed and delivered

Method 3: View order in Logistia Route Planner

  • From your Shopify Orders dashboard, click on an order to view its details
  • Click on More actions button on the top-right corner
  • Click on View on Logistia option
  • Logistia will display your order and will alert you to assign a delivery date to the order