How to personalize email notifications

You can use the template we provide you by default or personalize everything: text, images, graphics, and colors.

The parameters you can include in the notifications should be written with double accolades, as shown here. You can add these parameters along with any other modifications you see fit to have a custom-made notification. Test it out by sending yourself a test notification and adjust if needed.

{{platformName}}The name of your account if you only use Logistia, or the shop’s name if you use an e-commerce integration
{{today}}It will display the current calendar date of today (e.g. December 3rd, 2022)
{{orderDate}}The calendar date you added the order in Logistia
{{deliveryGroup}}The delivery group you have added the order to in Logistia
{{orderNo}}Displays the order’s number – if you have e-commerce integration, it displays the order number from there
{{}}Displays the customer’s first and last name
{{address.streetWithNumber}}Displays the customer’s street with the number
{{}}The customer’s city
{{address.postalCode}}The customer’s postal code
{{deliveryDate}}The calendar date when the order is scheduled for delivery
{{deliveredDate}}The calendar date when the order was marked as delivered
{{fullPrice}}The total price of products and delivery cost
{{currency}}The currency of your account, taken from your account’s country
{{approximateArrivalTime}}The estimated arrival time of the order calculated after you optimized the route(s)
{{shortTrackingURL}}The tracking link that is sent to customers so they can see order details, status, and where the driver is
{{paymentType}}Displays the payment type (e.g. Cash On Delivery, POS)
{{deliveryAccount}}The name of the driver assigned to the order
{{deliveryAccountTelephone}}The driver’s phone number
{{comments}}Any comments on orders left by the customer, the driver, or another employee with edit access to order details
{{customField_Example}}Any custom field you define in Logistia and can be included by writing the exact name of the field