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Experience a seamless blend of power and simplicity with the transport management system Logistia Route Planner offers. Unlock the potential to optimize every aspect of your transport operations, ensuring efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing service quality.

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A powerful TMS at your fingertips

Maintain seamless fleet operations with complete control, oversight, and command. Provide drivers with comprehensive route itineraries and track their journey in real time.

Configure your varied vehicle types, and their delivery areas and watch the system optimize your routes for the ideal combination each vehicle should service for optimum coverage.

Enjoy extensive capabilities with Logistia Route Planner: live track your drivers, secure proof of delivery, dispatch notifications to customers, craft detailed reports, and effortlessly manage orders, clients, and products, all within one powerful platform.

The simplest transport management system for your business

Leverage our all-in-one solution, to manage your transports, and track your orders, and products. With our smart algorithms, you can create the fastest and most resource-efficient pathways, conserving time and fuel. Flexibly adjust to various scenarios to sustain top efficiency levels.

Monitor on the move with our advanced TMS

Empower your transport management system with live tracking, gaining real-time insights into your fleet for enhanced control and operational transparency. Transform your logistics with Logistia Route Planner for streamlined and informed decision-making.

Boost efficiency with cutting-edge tech

Logistia Route Planner clusters orders closely to create the most condensed routes, optimizing driving efficiency, cutting expenses, and minimizing unnecessary, extended paths.

Use your fleet to the maximum with our transport management system prepared for you.

Mobile apps

Empower your drivers with our mobile application for real-time route tracking and progress monitoring, ensuring a seamless and well-informed route from beginning to end.

Divide routes

Smartly distribute routes to drivers, creating balanced workloads and improving delivery routes for each team member.

Cut costs

Efficiently plan your routes around ferries or tolls, designing budget-friendly paths to stay within your budget while keeping routes efficient.

Load limits

Match your routes to vehicle capacities, making sure every trip is well-planned based on weight and size limits.

Special skills

Pair the unique abilities of your vehicles with specific delivery requirements, optimizing each route with the appropriate expertise in mind.

Time slots

Customize every route to match the distinct delivery timeframes of orders, guaranteeing punctual arrivals in the most effective order.

Service time

Consider each on-site time, and adjust routes to fit specific location schedules. Prioritize being on time and efficient at every stop.

Order type

Blend pickup and delivery order types smoothly to create a seamless, logical routing experience for orders.


Effortlessly reschedule your orders for a later date, maintaining your delivery schedule without any difficulty.

Expense tracking

Track expenses effortlessly, from maintenance schedules and fuel consumption to CO2 emissions, ensuring cost-efficient and eco-friendly operations.

Notify customers

Inform your customers about their order progress with personalized notifications.

Print routes

Generate a printed copy of your order lists, providing your drivers with a physical way to access route details.

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Using Logistia Route Planner has been transformational for many businesses.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Honestly, I have never encountered such courteous and professional service. The software is upgraded and improved every few days and I don’t think you will find anything that compares to it – I highly recommend it.
Ofer Hai
CEO, Mini Drinks

Traditional ways of optimizing routes vs. Logistia Route Planner’s optimization

The old way​ to optimize routes

  • Manual route planning
  • Paper logs
  • Phone calls to communicate updates
  • Physical boards to visualize and manage driver assignments and schedules
  • Providing drivers with paper tickets or delivery orders to track deliveries and pickups
  • Keeping handwritten records of inventory, deliveries, and customer information
  • Using physical documents and spreadsheets to track fuel expenses, maintenance, and vehicle usage

Using Logistia Route Planner

  • Visualize all your stops at once
  • Advanced delivery route optimization algorithms
  • High address precision
  • Allows for last-minute edits to the routes
  • Send accurate ETAs to your customers
  • Collect digital proof of delivery
  • Creates all routes in minutes
  • Tracks important data
  • Saves you time and money



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Personalize routes and notify customers


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Advanced tools for a premium delivery 


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A transport management system, a TMS, is software that helps streamline transportation and logistics operations. It automates tasks like route planning, order management, and tracking, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Implementing a TMS can lead to benefits such as cost savings, improved delivery times, improved efficiency for your employees, enhanced visibility, better resource utilization, and increased customer satisfaction.

Logistia Route Planner is a versatile TMS solution and can be adapted to various industries and business sizes, from small companies to large enterprises. Let’s chat about it!

Absolutely! You can connect with Logistia Route Planner using our APIs.

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Provide customers with accurate delivery times, fostering trust and reliability. Planning more efficient routes enhances the overall service quality, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Experience the power of Logistia Route Planner’s smart transport management system to optimize your delivery routes in minutes, save hours of planning, and reduce important costs.