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Logistia is a flexible route optimization software solution for your business. With an easy setup and multiple variables, you can generate routes easily for you and your team.


Start being efficient

Optimized routes are designed to help your drivers complete more tasks in less time, all while keeping customers happy. We know daily route planning can be overwhelming. Logistia’s route optimization makes finding the most efficient route simple. Save hundreds of hours of manual work with our automated multi stop route planner.


Logistia Route optimization factors

The route optimization module takes into account multiple factors to help you be more efficient and generate cool routes for your drivers.

The route optimization algorithm inside Logistia considers the number of drivers to evenly balance their load.

Each vehicle may have its own particularities. Logistia will consider the total load when generating the optimal route for your drivers.

You can’t control the traffic. But Logistia can control the arrival hours displayed to your clients when you use the route optimization module so they know when to expect the delivery.

If you have a special request to deliver the orders, like a refrigerated vehicle, you can mark this inside the app. Logistia will assign it to its designed vehicle.


Warehouses’ working hours may differ and you have to dispatch your drivers efficiently to warehouses and clients. Logistia can generate efficient routes even with these constraints.   

You can configure the time it takes a driver to drop-off the orders. This way Logistia will adjust accordingly the optimal routes generated.

Some clients have specific hours when they are able to receive the order. Logistia’s route optimization module allows you to satisfy these requests as well when you generate the route.

Your employees should rest too. At setup, you can configure Logistia to be considerate of their schedules and work legislation.

It’s impossible to deliver many orders in a single day. You can configure Logistia to include a maximum number of orders a driver can do in a single day. Or you can allow Logistia to evenly balance the orders between all your drivers.

Recurring routes can help you eliminate the work needed to schedule the same route everyday. Just reschedule the one you want.

What we’re about

It’s easy to be efficient with your logistics operations

Logistia transforms the hassle out of route optimization into an easy job.

Generate daily optimal routes for your employees.


Simply add your departure and arrival location, press one button and the route will be generated for you. 

Addresses will be automatically added from orders and you can import from spreadsheets or integrations with multiple E-Commerce websites.


The route will be shown on the map for all your employees, so you can see if they are well balanced. 

Routes can be generated for one or many employees, they will see the generated route directly in their Logistia account and can start delivering.

Combine the route planner feature with inventory management to start automating and save time, money and fuel.

Track the important metrics

How long are drivers on the road

Know for every driver what distance and how much time they have traveled and spent in traffic in a day.

How far are they driving

You can visually check how the route looks like to see how far they have to travel to complete all the daily assignments.

How long does a task take to be complete

See how much time does a certain task takes to be completed and adjust the drop-off time, so you can automate the route optimization generation with all the required information.

Costs associated with inefficient driving routes

Optimized routes can help decrease the vehicle’s wear in time. Driving straight to the delivery or pickup points considering multiple variables like traffic can optimize your vehicle maintenance costs in the long run. 

Managing and automating your operations from the same dashboard reduces the time spent inside the application. So your attention can be focused on more important business decisions.

An inefficient route does not only increase vehicle wear, but increase fuel costs as well. Wandering around the city without a clear path which takes into account many variables result in a lower profit due to costs.

Having more than 30 addresses to serve in a day can become difficult to route them efficiently on the map.

Inefficient routes makes the drivers wander around more and as a result, less deliveries are completed on a daily basis. Automate the mundane work with Logistia’s route optimization software.

An inefficient route leads to increased waiting times for your customers. They won’t have the predictability they need and their satisfaction will eventually decrease.


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