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Customer notification

$ 9
Per month
  • ETA notifications
  • Personalized e-mails
  • Customer segmentation
  • Live tracking
  • Requests for another delivery interval
  • Support from Logistia team
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Generate routes for your drivers in minutes

Optimal route

$ 19
Per driver, per month
  • E-commerce integrations
  • Assign and manage orders
  • Import Excel orders
  • Drivers have their own accounts
  • Update order status automatically
  • Support from Logistia team
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No credit card required, VAT exclusive

Stock alerts

$ 9
Per month
  • Set threshold value
  • Stock requests to suppliers
  • Support from Logistia team
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Modular Components
Logistia is designed to be modular and flexible to your needs. Upgrade as you grow. 
Fully Responsive

Access Logistia from your desktop or from your mobile. Be in touch with your business from any device.

Combine modules
You can have multiple modules to help you run the business with maximum efficiency. 

Honesty policy

We are firm believers the only way to run a great business is to be fair and 100% transparent.

At Logistia, you get charged for the resources you need each month. If your business changes, so the plan can too. Adjust your plan to fit your needs anytime. No unexpected charges or hidden fees. See Frequently Asked Questions below to learn more.

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See what our users say about us and how Logistia is helping them  making efficiency business as usual

“This was the only app that filled my need of providing a logisitics solution to my team while also intergrating with Shopify. I had been running demos of other route optimizers and found the lack of Shopify intergration meant that I spent an incredibly long time importing and generating routes. Logistia is simple to import orders, generate routes for multiple drives and is able to notify customers of their estimated delivery time. The best part is that once the order has been marked as "Delivered" on Logistia is automatically marks the order as fulfilled on Shopify.”

Graham, Reid's Distillery Inc.

“We feel greatly supported by your company and look forward to growing with you.

Quintin, Your Farm Foods

“I highly recommend Logistia for their app for Stock control, employees and delivery. We only use this for manage of our Stock, we can set our own stocklimit and not depend on Shopify. We use this for restocking as we use this when we reorder with our supplier. Logistia has been a major help for making this app super good looking. Easy to work with, and their support is beyond everything. Quick reply - open for suggests so we got what we wished for.”

Linda, Fest4all.dk


Do you have a question about Logistia’s pricing? See if you can get your answer below.

Your risk free trial provides unrestricted access to Logistia's features for 14 days. You will be able to choose another plan and begin your subscription at any time during or after your trial. Your credit card will not be charged until you have selected a plan and confirmed your subscription plan in the checkout.

Absolutely. You can upgrade your subscription plan at anytime.

Yes and we do recommend you to set a valid start time for the routes you plan to generate. If your driver can only work a certain number of hours per day, you can set the time, and all the generated optimized routes will make sure that customers are serviced before the end of the driver’s work day.

Yes, we have one click integration with Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento. And more platforms are coming.

The number of optimized routes per month and the maximum number of addresses per optimal route depends on your subscription level. You can route up to 500 monthly orders with $29 / driver or 1000 monthly orders with $39 / driver. Need more orders? Let's have a chat

You can create an unlimited number of drivers inside your Logistia account. Each time you need to generate a new route, just select the driver who should go on that route in the Generate Route screen.

The driver will automatically have the route in his account and can begin the drive.

Yes. Just specify the time on the order the time window for each customer. Logistia will automatically take into account the time-slots customers have requested.

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