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Lock routes
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The last-mile delivery system you need today

Route Optimization
Everything you need to plan and dispatch your drivers on optimized routes
Track progress
Keep yourself and your customers informed about the status of the deliveries
Prediction for ETAs

Logistia will predict the ETAs for each stop taking into account any time restriction the clients need

E-Commerce integrations

Get all details you need for a successful delivery from Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento platforms

Reports & Insights

Analyze your data and customize your own reports.

Customizable notifications

Personalize the e-mail notification with your own brand and send customized SMS alerts

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Optimize, control, automate and reduce the cost of your deliveries with Logistia.

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“Logistia is simple to import orders, generate routes for multiple drives and is able to notify customers of their estimated delivery time. The best part is that once the order has been marked as "Delivered" on Logistia is automatically marks the order as fulfilled on Shopify.”


“Logistia has everything my company is looking for and more! They go above and beyond to make sure their app is exactly what I need! 12/10 in every aspect.”



Answers to frequently asked questions

Logistia Route Planner works in any country in the world that is mapped online. However, map data quality is different from country to country.

Logistia uses Google Maps to verify the addresses you enter, so the accuracy depends on what data Google Maps has for your area. Sometimes, we find that the Google Maps data in certain areas aren't entirely accurate, and in some cases the data can be incomplete. The fastest way to check the quality of map data in any certain area is to try a free trial and run a test with your own data. This way, you can get an example of what the routing results are like.

No, Logistia does not have any setup fees. 

Yes, you can try Logistia fully featured for 14 days before making a purchase. 

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