Know your inventory

Keep your inventory management 100% accurate all the time across all your websites, marketplaces and physical stores.

Making a sale anywhere will be reflected in an instant stock level update in your dashboard.


Inventory management tracking

Track every move of your inventory from purchase to warehouse to sales order in real-time. Information is power.​

Any platform

Logistia is capable to help with your inventory management across any platform - website, marketplace - so you can have all the information in one place.

Warehouse management

Check inventory level, manage warehouses and inter-warehouse transfer within seconds. Warehouse management, at your fingertips.

Up to date inventory management 

Take all your products. All in one place.
Logistia helps you track all your products, prices and stock levels from all platforms.
If it can be moved, bought or sold, Logistia can track it for and with you. 

One stock

Track all your stocks with Logistia's inventory management across any number of sales channels: your own website and e-commerce marketplaces.

Flexible and modular

Logistia is flexible allowing you to track only the products that matter to your business. Or you can track them all.

No equipment investment

Choosing Logistia does not involve any change in your current infrastructure or equipment.

Built to scale

Whether you have a one-location business or a multi-store conglomerate, Logistia will always support your departments, location and inventory growth. You will not worry about having your system down again.

Data recovery

You don't have to worry about errors again. Logistia has a built-in back-up system, so your inventory management is safe with us. You can restore data from a past date anytime.

Stock par levels

For any products you want to track, you can set stock par levels inside Logistia. This way the platform will alert you when you're approaching your stock limit. Never lose another sale because you are out of stock.

Sync your inventory from multiple sales channels

Logistia integrates with the most popular e-commerce platforms and marketplaces.

It will automatically show your products and you can set stock par levels and sync across all your sales channels.


Benefits of Logistia's inventory management

You can access Logistia’s cloud-based software from any corner of the world with an internet connection – via desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Add, manage and track all your suppliers and start purchasing orders from them in one place. When the stocks have arrived, Logistia will help you know the real stock. 

Become a master at organising, picking, packing and shipping your inventory with precision and speed.

Take into account many variables for the route generation process: warehouses, working hours, vehicles, number of drivers and many more.

One platform for one team

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