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Surprise your customers with amazing flower bouquets and organize a stellar experience using our delivery route planner. If you need to figure out a fast way to plan all your orders and get in time to every client, Logistia has your flower shop’s back.

Woman preparing all the flowers for delivery using Logistia Route Planner to manage routes, orders and products efficiently

A complete route planner for your flower delivery

Deliver flower arrangements at the right place and on time

Logistia helps your flower shop to benefit from the best delivery route planner, saving you 90% of your route planning time, and accelerating other processes within your company.

Gain an edge over competitors​
Deliver more orders at the same time
Add important details for each order
Know how many bouquets you need to create Personalize the information shown to customers
Make adjustments to routes to plan for the unplanned
Review the ratings and customers’ feedback
Organizing your flower delivery with our route planner, Logistia Route Planner

Monitor progress and document deliveries

Track drivers’ progress on the map, and let the customers know where their delivery is. Logistia helps your drivers become more responsible and accountable, by capturing a series of photos, signatures, or notes as delivery proof.

Monitor the route progress on the map
Send customers notifications with a tracking link
Read their reviews and feedback for the delivery
Capture a series of photos as proof of delivery
Capture the client’s signature
Leave notes for future orders from the same client

Maximize your fleet usage to deliver all your flowers fresh and on time with all the delivery route optimization features we arranged for you. Logistia Route Planner is about flexibility and convenience, offering you more than 80+ features to help your employees focus on the most important operations and leave manual work behind. 

Mobile apps

Monitor the routes in real-time and track the progress with our mobile app. Make sure every route is smooth and transparent from start to finish.

Divide routes

Divide the orders between your drivers, ensuring balanced workloads and optimized delivery paths for each team member.

Reduce route costs

Optimize your routes around tax roads with ease, crafting cost-friendly paths that keep your budget on track and your routes efficient.

Vehicle capacities

Make your routes according to your vehicle capacities, ensuring each journey is perfectly planned according to weight and volume limits.

Analyze reports

Collect all the necessary data to make the best decisions for your business. Accelerate all your other processes in your workflow.

Delivery windows

Tailor each route to fit the unique delivery intervals of orders, ensuring timely arrivals in the most efficient sequence.

Service time

Factor in each on-site duration, and fine-tune routes to accommodate precise location time. Make punctuality and efficiency your priority at every stop.

Order type

Integrate pickup and delivery order types with finesse, ensuring orders flow in a fluid, logical routing experience.


Change your orders to a future date, keeping your deliveries on track with zero hassle.

Prevent errors

Safeguard your planned routes, keeping them intact from unintended alterations by your staff members.

Notify customers

Keep your customers informed about their order status with customizable notifications.

Print routes

Get a hard copy of your order lists, allowing for tangible access to route information.

Budget-friendly, business-ready



10% discount

Simple start

Start with the very basics of optimization


Per driver per month


Personalize routes and notify customers


Per driver per month


Advanced tools for a premium delivery 


Per driver per month

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