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Whether it’s adding stops, optimizing the route between all your drivers, or keeping customers updated – why scatter your tasks across different apps that don’t work together? Logistia Route Planner’s features let you manage more of your operations within a single place.


Works the way you work

Logistia is a powerful, yet flexible route planner, capable of adapting to your work procedures. Whether all drivers start from the same point or have individual settings, you can have it.

  • Multi route creation
  • Route editing tools
  • Custom order fields
  • Prepare the delivery


Go Paperless

Enhance the delivery experience with more digital tools, like proof of delivery, reduce the clutter and improve your sustainability goals.

  • Capture the proof of delivery
  • Package slips
  • Tracking links for customers
  • Customizable email/text notifications

More Efficiency

Fast integration

Connect to your shop’s platform to benefit from powerful automation ready to help you increase your delivery capacity.

  • Filter and add the orders out for delivery
  • Navigate with your preferred app
  • Mark the order as delivered

The most important but not the only ones

Key Features

Logistia puts you in the driver’s seat of your operations, to create a delivery experience your drivers and customers will love, without any expensive equipment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Logistia Route Planner can be used from anywhere in the world. We are using data from Google Maps and OpenStreet Maps to determine the locations. So keep in mind that if you are located in an area with inaccurate data, you could possibly have trouble using Logistia.

An order is a unique address – a delivery or a pickup at a certain location. Addresses can be a combination of streets with numbers or geo-points (latitude, longitude) for high precision.

Yes, Logistia Route Planner accepts adding your stops either in a “street with number” format or in a latitude and longitude format.

After you optimize the route, you have a number of options to edit the routes of your drivers, individually or by selecting a larger area on the map. Tweak your routes to perfection with all of our editing features.

Google Maps is a powerful tool for turn-by-turn navigation and could be useful for very simple routes, with a handful of stops. But lacks the business logic to optimize the order of the addresses you’ve added. When it comes to complex situations, such as one of the customers has requested your arrival strictly between 8 am and 10 am, or you need to split evenly the stops between 2 or more drivers, Google Maps cannot help you much. This is where Logistia Route Planner comes in, helping you in finding the best routes with all the business restrictions you may have.

The 14-day free trial of Logistia Route Planner software includes all the features that are offered in the Plus version:

  • Optimize up to 200 orders during the trial
  • Simple and advanced route optimization
  • Driver mobile app
  • Import with Excel, e-commerce platform or API
  • Customer notifications
  • Proof of Delivery (Photo/Signature)
  • Analytics and smart reports

Logistia Route Planner is a powerful, yet flexible platform. We are capable of routing with the following constraints:

  • Time windows
  • Vehicle capacity
  • Driver’s schedule and/or individual settings
  • Stop duration
  • Priority stops
  • Delivery areas

You can use the above routing constraints to:

  • Increase the number of deliveries per route
  • Reduce driving time
  • Reduce distance travelled
  • Reduce number of vehicles
  • Increase customer satisfaction

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Logistia Route Planner has everything you need to make the deliveries easy, fun, and stress-free.