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The Onfleet alternative

Save your hard-earned money with Logistia Route Planner, the best alternative to Onfleet. Optimize stops, track drivers, send notifications to your customers, and manage orders and clients.

You are in good company

Whether you do daily deliveries with hundreds of orders, or you plan long routes, we’ve got your back!

Prepare your deliveries efficiently

With Logistia Route Planner you’ve got an all-in-one Onfleet alternative for your last-mile delivery operations


Add stops

Add your addresses in Logistia in 5 different ways: one-by-one, bulk upload from a spreadsheet, add customers in our built-in CRM, import from an e-commerce platform, or through API.


Optimize route

Set the global parameters that apply to all drivers, or start adding individual parameters for each one. After the optimization, you can edit the routes to make them perfect for you.


Notify customers

Don’t keep the customers guessing and send them a personalized notification, with a tracking link to see when they’ll get the packages.



Drivers should open Logistia Route Planner mobile app and start the deliveries. You track the progress and at the end of the day, consult the reports for analysis

Integrates easily with

Reasonable Pricing

best value. Powerful Options.

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starts from $500 / mo

  • 7 days free trial
  • 90 days history
  • Basic integrations
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starts from $19/ mo

  • 14 days free trial
  • unlimited history
  • Email / SMS notifications
  • Direct integrations

More perks without a high cost

Get more done with Logistia Route Planner. Discover our powerful and flexible features, facilitating the easiness of your operations and the harmonious movement of goods.

OnfleetLogistia Route Planner
✅ 7 days free trial✅ 14 days free trial
✅ Multi-stop route planner✅ Multi-stop route planner
✅Advanced settings for optimal route✅ Advanced settings for optimal route
❌ Edit routes after being sent to drivers✅ Edit routes after being sent to drivers
✅ Driver profile for optimal route✅ Driver profile for optimal route
❌ Include driver breaks into the route✅ Include driver breaks into the route
✅ Single day routing✅ Single day routing
❌ Multi-day routing✅ Multi-day routing
❌ Dispatching for on-demand deliveries✅ Dispatching for on-demand deliveries
✅ Live tracking✅ Live tracking
❌ Client list (CRM)✅ Client list (CRM)
❌ Offline mode✅ Offline mode
✅ Deliver and close orders✅ Deliver and close orders
❌ Add products / services on order✅ Add products / services on order
❌ Add payment method and status✅ Add payment method and status
❌ Personalizable customer notifications (email, sms)✅ Personalizable customer notifications (email, sms)
✅ Proof of delivery✅ Proof of delivery
❌ Prepare delivery✅ Prepare delivery
❌ Package slip✅ Package slip
✅ Reports & Analytics✅ Reports & Analytics
❌ Inventory management✅Inventory management
❌ Custom fields✅ Custom fields
✅ Include comments on orders✅ Include comments on orders
❌ Recurring orders✅ Recurring orders
❌ Direct integrations with WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Squarespace✅ Direct integrations with WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Squarespace
✅ API integration✅ API integration
❌ Customizable tracking link appearance✅ Customizable tracking link appearance
✅ Excel import✅ Excel import

Who can use Logistia Route Planner?

Food & Beverages

Optimize routes fast with any customer constraints.

Courier services

Automate route planning with delivery areas for drivers and tracking links for customers.

Medical services

Visit more patients efficiently and offer them the best care.


Prepare the delivery and get on time to all your locations.


Get in time with fresh bouquets and offer a 7-star delivery experience.

Waste collection

Get the most profitable and efficient routes in just a few clicks.

Happy customers

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