Logistia Route Planner – The smart Circuit for Teams alternative

Circuit is route planning app catering both solo drivers and teams. However, is it the best choice for you? Let’s explore the best alternative to Circuit: Logistia Route Planner.

Logistia Route Planner - Delivery Route Optimization Solution on all devices

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Team up with the best route planner

Logistia Route Planner is a complete delivery management and optimization platform that helps users tackle all the challenges of modern-day delivery and transportation logistics. And more than that.

Advanced route planner

We focus on building strong, intuitive, and efficient routes

Suited for businesses of all sizes, Logistia Route Planner scales with your operations, accommodating growing delivery volumes and complexities without skipping a beat.

360° view

Powerful features

Looking for a solution that grows with your business, offers detailed delivery insights, and provides exceptional support, look no further than Logistia Roure Planner.

Address precision

Convert addresses into precise coordinates, guaranteeing unparalleled accuracy for each destination.

Contact details

Store and access customer information for upcoming orders, enhancing speed and customization for every delivery.

Route optimization

Optimize logistics effortlessly with Logistia Route Planner, streamlining operations for peak efficiency at every stop.

Product management

Streamline order management and inventory tracking with Logistia Route Planner’s robust features.

Customer notifications

Deliver personalized updates to clients, ensuring transparency and professionalism in your service.

Reports & analysis

Use Logistia Route Planner’s comprehensive reports to easily monitor and reconcile drivers’ daily pickups.

More than 80+ features available

When choosing the right route planning tool for your logistics or delivery business, it’s essential to consider how features, user experience, and support stack up.

Starts from $100 / month

Circuit Route Planner

Circuit Route Planner offers a good range of features, but it comes with a high price and heavy limitations for the basic functions.

  • 7 days free trial
  • Pricing includes the first 500 stops
  • Limited data history storage
  • High price for basic functions
Starts from $19 / month

Logistia Route Planner

With Logistia Route Planner you get a wide range of functionalities designed to ease your operations and be more efficient and cost-effective.

  • 14 days free trial
  • Pricing includes the first 250 stops and upwards
  • Unlimited data history storage
  • Affordable price for advanced functions
  • Advanced features for route optimization
  • Prepare delivery
  • Offline mode for working on limited connectivity areas
  • Proof of delivery collection
  • Personalized notifications for customers
  • Products management
  • Address book
  • Multi-day route
  • Personalized tracking link appearance
  • Financial reports
  • Multiple integrations with e-commerce platforms
  • In-app chat support

What our clients say

This is a super powerful tool! I was looking for the ability to optimize across different drivers with different ending addresses and this is the only tool I found. I also like being able to export the data to create our delivery bag labels. Customer support is very helpful and responsive.
The Speedy Dish
An excellent tool, very easy to use, and a great technical support! If you need to plan your shipping route, this is a must-have app!
Oppa Design
Amazing app saving me over an hour per week. Imports any type of order from Shopify, can add stops, can add recurring stops, can add & adjust stop time, creates the most efficient route. Can notify customers of pending delivery or that delivery was made with 1-click. Can text customers from within the app. 1-click to see customer order from phone app and so much more.
Old Time Farm

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