Why Logistia?

We have developed a platform that integrates with your online business smoothly, no development work needed. Use it with Shopify, WooComerce or your preferred platform and speed up your logistics business management with all the benefits.
About Multi Stop Route Planner with Logistia

Optimal Route Calculation

You are in control of your orders. Pick as many as you want, even all, and meet your closest clients in person. Logistia will create for you a Multi Stop Route Planner between all delivery addresses, regardless of the order's source.
About employees management with Logistia

Assign orders to your employees

Delegate deliveries to your employees and see in real-time the orders' status on Logistia dashboard. Don't worry, the app will calculate the optimal route for each employee, taking into account all orders assigned for the day.
See all your orders in a single screen with Logistia

All the orders in a single screen

Be more effective with all your delivery preparations. On Logistia's dashboard, you can view all orders at a glance, without clicking through each of them, so you can get ready with the deliveries faster.
No development work needed with Logistia

No development needed

We at Logistia, believe in the power of simplicity. We have developed a smart plug and play platform, so you can integrate with any of your preferred platforms. You won't need any technical knowledge. Just create an account or install it on your smartphone and in a few easy steps you are good to go.

We want to make running your online business as simple as possible

Join Logistia and take control of your online business. Your feedback is extremely valuable.

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